Let’s Call it Adventure

I’ll let you know something: when it comes to tech, I’m a bit of a Luddite. I have a natural aversion to reading about anything that ranges from synth manufacturers to recording software.

The same goes for guitar pedals.

But my brother, Noah, loves pedals. And I love all sounds. And the sounds that come from these pedals are fucking awesome.

Including this one:

As you can read, it is an “echo/chorus/vibrato” pedal. The long and short of that is that you can improvise along to short snippets of yourself playing. I think they call it “delay”, but one would have to be tech savvy to know for sure. For me, it’s enough to hear myself repeated.

And when I do, I have visions:

The soundtrack to this movie (Dead Man, by Jim Jarmusch) has stuck with me more than any quirky detail from any of his quirky movies. And it has probably had as much, if not more, influence on my concept of “guitar music” as anything else. Including John Fahey.

That being said, I offer this humble gloss on the blues as I read through Huck Finn and can’t help but feel: alright then, I’ll go to hell.

Let’s Call it Adventure

PS – There is a version of the Dead Man soundtrack that features no spoken interludes over the music. If someone can find this for me in any format (mp3, CD, LP) I would be grateful.


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